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April 17, 2020 Walker’s Cay releases new song ‘Tell Me’

Walker’s Cay releases new song ‘Tell Me’

Carrying the torch from where melodic rock bands like Journey, Def Leppard, Styx and Heart left off, Toronto’s Walker’s Cay ushers those classic influences into the 21st Century with two new tracks. On April 10th, 2020, the four-man band featuring Gold and Platinum-status lead vocalist Gary LaBarr, guitarist Mike Swain, bassist Tim Morrissey, and drummer Dave Pistilli will release “Tell Me” and “Why Oh Why” (MTS Records.)

“These guys are right in my wheelhouse,” said Michael Stover of MTS. “Those classic tunes with the big vocals, powerful drums, screaming guitars…that’s what I grew up with. So, to be working with a talented band like Walker’s Cay makes total sense for us. They are taking the best parts of the past and bringing them forward in their own style. 2020 is going to be huge for Walker’s Cay!”

Walker’s Cay gets its name from an “out island” in the Bahamas. It was visited by Gary LaBarr, (a private pilot), and some friends back in the late 1990’s. Not only did this beautiful island stand out in Gary’s mind throughout his life, but the name of “Walker’s Cay” did as well. Gary LaBarr has gold and platinum record status for his work in various original band projects, working as a musician, producer, and arranger. Mike Swain is considered to be the “technical wizard” for the band, due to his 30-plus years as a licensed control technician at a nuclear power plant. Mike is also a professional recording engineer, specializing in the Pro-Tools recording platform. Tim Morrissey comes to Walker’s Cay with quite the resume as a professional bass player and recording artist. He is a “gear geek” in regards to his intense interest in achieving that “perfect” bass sound. With a rock/jazz style type of percussive education, David “Dave” Pistilli lays down the tasty “back-beat” that Walker’s Cay is known for.

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April 16, 2020 Rock singer Howie Payne releases new song ‘In Dreams’

Rock singer Howie Payne releases new song ‘In Dreams’

Howie Payne today releases ‘In Dreams’, the title track lifted from his newly announced ‘In Dreams’ EP, due for release on May 15, 2020. The new single follows on the tail of January’s ‘Into Daylight’ – former Stands main man Howie’s first new music in 2 years, also due to feature on the new EP – and a sold-out London headline show. Stream ‘In Dreams’ from here.

Born out of a period of sleep-disturbed jet lag and captured live within the week on 2020’s Leap Year day, Payne says of ‘In Dreams; “I’d just got back from a trip to New York and had some jet lag that was messing up my sleep and making for some pretty far-out dreams. So it’s the middle of the night, I’m awake and I started thinking about how in dreams everything you see, hear, feel, touch, do, you invent it all yourself. This line ‘You’re everyone and everything in dreams’ is floating around in my mind, and the song came together around that thought. We recorded it a couple of days after I wrote it. I wanted it to be really guitar-heavy, and loud, so we turned everything up and recorded it live with the whole band in the room. Doing it that way is always a real buzz so it was a very cool recording session and because I’d only just written it, it feels very fresh and the music has a real intent behind it.” 

The ‘In Dreams’ EP – the much-anticipated follow-up to Howie’s critically-praised 2017 album ‘Mountain’ – is the latest addition to a burgeoning solo career begun back in 2009 with Payne’s Ethan Johns-produced debut, ‘Bright Light Ballads’. Payne came to widespread recognition in the early noughties – far beyond the buzzy, fertile local scene of his beloved Liverpool (his brother Sean is the drummer for The Zutons and supergroup The Jaded Hearts Club, and sister Candie is a visual artist & musician) – via his solo-project-cum-band, The Stands. Highly regarded both by critics & musical luminaries alike including the likes of the Stone Roses, Spiritualized, Jack White, Noel Gallagher and Bill Ryder-Jones (the latter two both of which made appearances on the band’s debut album), The Stands toured variously alongside Paul Weller, The Libertines, The Coral and Oasis. The band released two enduring albums (2004’s debut ‘All Years Leaving’ and the following year’s ‘Horse Fabulous’), burning brightly before Payne disbanded the outfit in late 2005.

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Jamila & The Other Heroes release new funk-rock album

Jamila & The Other Heroes, a psychedelic, funk-rock group released their new album Sit El Kon (The Grandmother of the Universe) via SPRINGSTOFF on the 31st of January 2020. 

The entire group is based in Berlin but all have varied backgrounds and ethnicities such as Middle Eastern, Latin American and Eastern European. The group is based on the belief that anyone can be a hero hence the use of the word Heroes in the band name. 

Jamila Al-Yousef, the vocalist of the group studied politics, history with a particular focus on the Middle East. Besides their music, the band is advocates for the empowerment of women of colour in the music industry through their music. Their music combines the English and the Arab language. 

The group elaborates on the new album, “SIT EL KON is dedicated to the many unheard voices of our strong and funny grandmothers whose sacrifices paved the ground for our freedom today. A freedom that makes us feel lost sometimes. A freedom that shall not be selfish but in which we can expand an attitude of solidarity and unconditional love. We wish to take our listeners on a furious journey through unconscious galaxies which unite us with the experiences and spirits of our ancestors that continue to exist on this planet in the here and now. May our grandmothers be playing Backgammon and drinking Araq together while protecting us from outer space.”

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Haunt the Woods announce their March UK headline tour

Ambient rockers Haunt The Woods have announced a UK headline tour for March, following the release of their upcoming debut album, “Opaque”, on February 28th.

Starting in their native Cornwall, the band will play shows in Exeter, including the spectacularly atmospheric Carnglaze Caverns before dates in Bristol, Southampton, Norwich, Newcastle, Glasgow, Leeds, Cardiff, and London’s The Lexington.

The announcement follows the release of their new single, ‘Supernova’, which was accompanied by a mysterious and surreal video featuring dramatic cinematography and an emotionally charged storyline. The latest track to be taken from “Opaque”, it’s an intoxicating blend of immersive and climactic musicality, which pulsates between ever-changing forms of hushed intimacy and explosive passion, anthemic choruses and poignant verses.

‘Supernova’ follows the release of previous singles ‘Elephant’, ‘Amethyst’, and the beautifully cathartic acoustic video for ‘Fly’, released last year. Throughout the record, Haunt The Woods push the boundaries of musicality, expression and emotional sentiment with an eclectic collection of euphoria, melancholia and reflection interwoven across thirteen tracks of absorbing sonic landscapes.

Blending sounds from alternative, prog, folk and pop and channelling influences from the likes of Pink Floyd, Muse, Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver, Haunt The Woods have crafted a distinctive sound, glistening with ambient swells and underpinned by expressive rhythms and masterly songwriting.

The band released two EPs, “The Line” and “Circle” last year, and have performed at festivals including Glastonbury, Boardmasters and Port Elliot, as well as performing sold-out shows at London’s Old Blue Last and St Pancras Old Church and supporting a range of artists from the likes of Sunset Sons to KT Tunstall.

Haunt the Woods appeared in a feature on Reverbs


6th – Perranporth, Live Lounge

7th – Exeter, Cavern

8th – St Neot, Carnglaze Caverns

9th – Bristol, Louisiana

10th – Southampton, Joiners

11th – London, The Lexington

12th – Norwich, Waterfront Studio

15th – Newcastle, Surf Café

16th – Glasgow, King Tuts

19th – Leeds, Oporto

20th – Cardiff, Tiny Rebel

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